The de Havilland Vampire

The de Haviland D.H. 100 was a single engine fighter aircraft by the British manufacturer de Havilland Aircraft Company. It became combat ready at the end of World War II. It was the first jet aircraft in British service to be powered by a single turbojet engine.

  • First Flown in 1943
  • 1st Single Engine Jet Fighter
  • 1st Jet Fight to Land on an Aircraft Carrier
  • 1st Jet to Cross the Atlantic

Fully Aerobatic

The Vampire will perform aerobatic maneuvers with smoke for enhanced visibility of its flying capabilities. See this rare bird perform in the United States in 2016.

Heritage Flight

Pair the vampire with early and current United States jets to create a historical and memorable moment that will have aircraft enthusiasts and photographers drooling.


Keep checking this website for exciting information about the vampire. For booking information contact Jerry Conley(859) 312-5955 or e-mail